Prerequisite: use an iOS device (e.g. iPhone or iPad) to set at least one airpod to play/pause and then pair airpods to your Android phone

Free version

  • When no music is playing double-tap airpod triggers assistant
  • When music is playing double-tap airpod pauses and then double-tap again would trigger assistant.

PRO version

This is the exclusive feature for PRO version. 1st double-tap to pause/play & 2nd double-tap (within a few seconds) to trigger Google Assistant
Here are different scenarios that you can use
Play music
  • Double-tap once music will resume from the last playback
  • Or 2 Double-taps consecutively (within 5 seconds) trigger assistant and ask assistant to start playing music
Trigger assistant to ask question
  • Whether music is playing or not 2 double-taps consecutively (within 5 seconds) trigger assistant. E.g. ask assistant for weather
  • If you would like to continue music playing double-tap once
Stop music
  • When music is playing double-tap once stops music
Configure delay for 2 consecutive double-taps