Does the app support 2nd gen Airpods?

2nd gen Airpods battery level is working for most phones. Ear detection is slow (sometimes it could be around 10 seconds delay). You will be prompted if your phone doesn't support Airpods2 battery. Currently there is no way around it until Google fixes the bug. Google said they won't fix in Android Q and will consider it in later version. For folks who have an unsupported phone our Airpods Tracker is the only option. To trigger assistant you are required to do the prerequisite step in How to trigger assistant because airpods2 now default double-tap setting to "skip to next".

What can free version do?

  • Show battery level in window popup when airpods are just connected
  • Double tap to trigger assistant. You must do the prerequisite described in how to use

Why doesn't "2nd doublet-tap" trigger assistant sometimes?

  1. First you must configure your Airpods double-tap to "play/pause" rather than "Siri". Please read prerequisite at how to use.
  2. Next please verify that double-tap is configured correctly. Open a music app e.g. Spotify and start playing some music. Double tap once to see if music stops. If double tap doens't pause music it's because either double-tap isn't configured correctly or Airpods are having hardware issue. Please go back above step to fix this first.
  3. In the setting page please uncheck "Don't trigger assistant if screen is on". This is because we are testing 2 double-tap feature. Once it's working you can turn it back on. Also make sure "Max delay between two double-taps" equals or greater than 5 seconds.
  4. Keep music paused. Double tap once to see if music starts playing. Then double tap again check if music pauses. If it does pause you should see assistant gets prompted.
  5. Here is more background information. "2nd doublet-tap to trigger assistant" always depends on how music app respond to double-taps. Different music apps might have difference response time. Try to give a little gap between two double-taps. First double tap would resume/pause music. After you hear music starts or stops then you begin the second double tap.

After "2nd double tap to trigger assistant" is turned on why sometimes 2 double taps don't triggle assistant?

There is some limitation when "2nd double tap to trigger assistant" is turned on. In this mode the app replies on current or last music app to respond to double tap by playing or pausing music. On Android double tap event is passed to the last app that played music. If the last app doesn't respond to double tap nothing will happen. Thus no assistant triggering. For example you open youtube or even Chrome browser to view a video. And then the app goes to background. After that double tap won't work any more because these apps won't support background playback and won't respond to double tap. Basically it's lost in the system until you open a different app that supports background music play. For apps like Spotify or podcast app they support background playback thus double tap will always work. In any case if you notice double tap doens't respond just open and play a music app.

Why does music start playing everytime airpods are connected?

The app needs to work with the existing music app to detect double tap. It's also possible that no music app is currently running. To test if there is an existing music app in the background the app tries to resume playing. If you don't like the behaviour you can disable it by turning on "Don't detect music player" setting.

I have a Samsung Galaxy phone. Double-tap doesn't trigger Google Assistant. Can you help?

Samsung Galaxy phone uses Bixby by default. If you want to switch to Google Assistant there are a couple of things. First install and configure Google Assistant and make sure it works by long press home button. Next you need to reset default apps setting. Go to your phone setting -> applications -> default applications. Check "Device assistant app" or "Assist & voice input" and change it to Google Assistant. Or you can try to clear all default apps. After that is done try to double-tap (once or twice depending on your setting) airpods and you will get a prompt to choose whether Google Assistant or Bixby.

I have a Chinese maker phone e.g. Xiaomi or Huawei. I cannot see battery level or ear detection is not stable. What is going on?

  • Chinese cellphone makers are too aggressive killing any app running in the background. Our app need to run in the background all the time. You may try to grant the app to run without batter optimization. Go to app setting and click "Opt out battery optimization" (see below) and then follow instructions. If you cannot find it in the setting page then the app has already been opted out. Thus you don't need to do any further action.
  • Turn on "Keep notification to stay foreground" setting

Why doesn't ear detection work?

If you own one of the following phones ear detection won't work for your phone. The reason is that these phones have a cheap Bluetooth module that cannot run legacy audio profile and send BLE at the same time.

  • motorola moto G5 plus
  • xiaomi mi a1
  • redmi note 5

If your phone is not in the above list ear detection should work for you. Please take the following steps.

  1. First try to enable "Show battery level in notification bar" and then make sure you see battery level in notification bar. If you don't see battery level it's either permission not granted to the app or your phone location service isn't turned on.
  2. If you can see battery level in the notification then ear detection should just work.
  3. If you are using only one earbud make sure you put the other earbud back to the case and close lid. It's better that you can leave the case to the place that is further away from your phone. The reason is that both earbuds broadcast data into the sky and the app will only use the one closest to your phone. This is to avoid noise.

After ear detection is enabled I experience music play and pause at random.

You probably experience this issue during crowded area where another pair of airpods is closed by. They are interfering ear detection. One suggestion to minimize interfering is to keep your phone close to your airpods. The app is using the strength of signal to detect your airpods.

How can I minimize the notification?

Hold and tap on AssistantTrigger notification bar and then click "Minimize".

When I listen to podcast and a notification comes in the app prompts assistant. How do I fix it?

  • First check the setting page in your podcast app or music app. Usually there is something called "Pause instead of ducking". Go ahead and turn it off.
  • Turn on "Don't trigger assistant if screen is on". Please see below FAQ.

When I quickly play and pause music app like Spotify or Youtube I see Google assistant gets prompted. How do I minimize this?

In AssistantTrigger app you can turn on "Don't trigger assistant if screen is on". This will reduce false positive.

Is it possible to set double tap to skip to next song?

Yes, you will need to use an iOS device to configure one airpod to "skip to next". Take a look at the prerequisite of how to use.

How do I get battery level of charging case?

After you open the lid of charging case just hold for a few seconds and then take airpods out. You should see battery level of charging case as well as airpods battery level. The charging case itself doesn't have Bluetooth. It depends on airpods in the case to transmit its battery status.

Why does the app ask permissiongs for location and notification access?

  • Location permission is required to scan airpods battery data. This is required by Android API.
  • Notification access is required to detect double tap.
  • Draw over the app is required to display battery level popup window.

How do I purchase PRO version?

Install free version of Assistant Trigger from Google Play Store. After granting all the permissions you will come to app main screen. Click "Purchase" button (see screenshot below) and follow flow to complete transaction. PRO is an in-app purchase. It's a perpetual license as long as you keep the same login.

If I pay for the PRO do I have to pay again if I reinstall the app? Can I use PRO if I log in to another device?

The purchase is attached to your Google Play store account. As long as you sign in using the same account the purchase history stays forever. You only pay once. It doesn't matter how many times that you reinstall the app or you log in to other devices.

I paid for PRO version but the app is still free version, why?

First please check if the purchase transaction went through. You usually received email about transaction if it was successfully. The email should contain the transaction #. If transaction is successful however app doesn't upgrade to PRO verson. It's probably Google Play store doesn't pass your transaction information to the app. You can try to go to phone settings -> Apps & notifications -> find Google Play store -> Storage -> Clear both storage & cache. And then restart phone. Hope it works this time. If still not, please forward your transaction email to .

How do I pair and connect Airpods to my Android phone?

Put airpods back to case and open charge case lid. Press the little button on the back of case (see below) and you will see the light starts flashing white. Open your phone and go to bluetooth setting. Scan for new device for pairing. Find and pair airpods.

It says the Airpods connected but I cannot see battery level, any idea?

Please go through the following points.

  1. First try to reboot your phone to see if it works. Sometimes it fixes most issues.
  2. If you have a 2nd gen Airpods battery level display is very slow . 10 seconds delay is normal. You can also put Airpods back to case. Wait for disconnection and then take them out again. Sometimes it fixes battery display.
  3. Usually app can detect which generation of Airpods you have. However it can make mistake. Please go to app setting and set it manually (see below). And then reconnect Airpods. If the setting is greyed out it means that your phone hardware doesn't support airpods 2. Currently the only solution is to buy Airpods Tracker.
  4. Some phones like those from Chinese makers are too aggressive killing any background app. Please try to opt out battery optimization.

Google Assistant doesn't get triggered when screen is off.

Please read Allow lock screen personal results on your Android phone. By default Google Assistant won't be triggered when screen is off due to security reasons. Usually you will see the following notificaiton when you try to trigger it for the first time during screen off. Click it to start configuring Google Assistant.

If you don't see the above notificaiton you can enable it manually by going to phone setting -> Google -> Search, Assistant & Voice -> Goolge Assistant. Please see the following screenshot.

My Airpods sound loud all of sudden, any idea?

This is a bug in Airpods firmware. You can borrow an iOS device and update firmware. The other workaround is to disable "absolute volume" on Android. Just do internet search and you should find plenty of hits. If you have Samsung Galaxy phone please check this reddit thread.

It seems that battery level jumps at 10%. Why is that?

This is actually Android platform limitation. Battery level reported from airpods steps at 10% on Android.

How can I get refund?

If it’s less than 48 hours since you bought PRO version you can use "Option 2" in